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Sophie [userpic]
New Videos Uploaded to BBC Website
by Sophie (sophielou21)
at May 24th, 2008 (07:17 pm)

We in the UK must live an evening without Doctor Who. Thankfully Terry Wogan will keep us sane while we watch Europe's annual talentless contest known better as Eurovision. Yet there is always darkness before the dawn. You all know that we got that new trailer (Admittedly not as exciting as last years trailer - a bit too Rose heavy and not enough of the other characters.)

Now I shall get to my point:

Sadly this is UK only but for all you UK fans you'll be happy to know that new goodies have been uploaded to the website in honour of the trailer. One of these new videos is an interview with Georgia Moffett (A new one) and her son Ty, as they talk about their favourite Who.


I will also post this on the Georgia Moffett community if it is not already there.